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Photoshop reach 

The project, inspired by the observation of his nearest neighborhood located just in Haingey, London,  is touching such as problematic issues as identity, individuality, nationality and religious habits.


In the series of colorful pictures Pilade photographed Muslim women wearing theirs traditional suits characteristic for this religion. Additionally artist dressed in a black and white jacket which is also covering his face photographed himself together with the Muslim women in the everyday situations.


By these series of pictures Pilade is a visual storyteller about Muslim Minority in London. As he claims “London is a cosmopolitan city but also a place which is leaving no space to the identity of the land that housed them and makes them his children.”


By confronting the relation between multicultural city such as London and individuals which are still trying to keep and tend the potential of their tradition, culture and religion, author is emphasizing the possibilities of developing new codes.

By A. Pilade

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