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An Artistic Process in Canary Wharf

by Antonio Pilade






After taking part in a collective exhibition in Canary Wharf and going there every day at different times to make my video installation in the space itself, I felt that futuristic place as a unhuman space, made of power, where thousand of people have a journey every day to work and make business. It is weird seeing that after 6pm this place turns into a desert where the big buildings made mainly with glass, reflect the seclusion between real human and social patterns. After this exhibition, I had the chance to make a solo exhibition, thinking about it I started to compare my feelings about this place with other artists so from that point I decided to give them Canary Wharf as a topic. My final artistic product is a series of videos which display the process of the artists as an artwork and not their final artwork. The videos have been displayed in Prague TINA B Contemporary Art Festival in 2012 and at Europian Horizons exhibition at the Provincial Museum of Savolninnan in Finland from 15th on March to 5th of May 2013.


An Artistic Process in Canary Wharf investigates the creative process that lies beneath the final work of art, aiming to reveal what happens inside and outside the artists whilst they create their works.

Ten young artists have been selected and invited to realise specific artworks based on their ideas about the project and Canary Wharf neighborhood (where the exhibition took place at the end of February).

As a creator and art director of this project, I have followed and recorded by camcorder all their creative process from the initial ideas of their final works.

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