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A new exhibition called

“Moving Up Exhibition”

Curated by Antonino Pilade 


The exhibition will present a group of 11 artists led by an Italian artist living in London Antonio Pilade. All involved artists come from different countries and express themselves through different medias, such as video-art, drawing, photography, collage, performance.


The Moving Up collective have met at the first time in London during a previous video experiment that was initiated by Antonio Pilade. For this project, the artists were asked to show their creative process, while creating an art work having Canary Wharf, a business district in London with its docklands as a topic, Pilade documented the whole creative process with his video camera. The final artistic output was an exhibition “Le Sorelle Boat” in Canary Wharf and as well as Pilade’s series of videos, displaying the creative process of the artists as an artwork itself to be displayed instead of the usual “physical” final product of art.


Moving Up Exhibition gives the similar group of artist a possibility to show their own art works at the international scale. The 11 young artists of Moving Up collective - Antonio Pilade, Attilio Giordano, Edmond Brooks, Eirini Georgopoulou, John Angel, Katerina Georgopoulou, Marta Ceynowa, Matt Gee, Marta Molka, Nadia Perrotta, Tobias Saunders, Valeria Amadei - come from very different nationalities and express themselves via different medias. The only thing they have in common,is London, a city that has been a platform for their lives and artistic development. Moving Up to Prague is their spring-board to international art world.




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