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and wood 


Metropolitani because they have and suggest a great sense of freedom

Among Antonio's works, which I was able to see during my brief stay in Naples, the paintings and sculpturing that impressed and "involved" me the most were the ones I called "Metropolitani."

Metropolitan because they have and suggest a great sense of freedom and, while retaining an expressive flexibility, reveal a natural tendency to replace creative language with expressive language.

The images are, in fact, "figures of a nomadic discourse, of cosmopolitan masses in motion, difficult to identify, ambiguously urban, arbitrarily aligned in front of the overcrowded housing blocks of the barracks-districts of the city, now all the same, in Catania as in New York, in Secondigliano as in Harlem.

Therefore, the arbitrary character of the dream does not indicate a deviation of morphological order, but evokes a diversity of ethical order, a demand for solidarity and democracy, a "form" of new legality and difficult communication, to which painting and sculpturing offers a visibility no longer unknown

                                                                                                               By Arcangelo Izzo 

Critics and journalist

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