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Antonino Pilade is a contemporary artist who works as a painter, sculptor, and photographer. He was born in Catania, Italy, where he started his artistic path by studying and exhibiting in Catania and Naples. In 2002, he opened his first public art studio in Catania while continuing to exhibit his work in Italy and Europe. He currently lives and works in London















                   Antonino Pilade, 1999                                                   photo by Sergio Siano.

Full BIO


Antonino Pilade is an Italian artist born in Catania in 1976. 

From a young age, he immersed himself in the world of art, exploring various mediums such as painting, ceramics, and sculpture. Currently, he resides and works in London since 2009/10.


Between 1996 and 2001, Antonino dedicated himself to honing his artistic skills and expanding his repertoire in Naples. In 1997, he held his first solo exhibition titled 'Metropolitani' at the Monumental Cloister of St Chiara in Naples. The exhibition, curated by the esteemed critic and journalist Arcangelo Izzo, showcased a series of large oil on canvas paintings and intricate ceramic and wood installations.

During his time in Naples, Antonino actively participated in several collective exhibitions, most notably the exhibition 'Addizioni Di Architecture 1 + 1 = 1' at the cultural institute of France. This exhibition, curated by the Pavilion de l'Arsenal Museum of Architecture in Paris, featured his works alongside other renowned artists. In a fortuitous turn of events, Antonino formed a collaboration with the prominent photojournalist Sergio Siano from the esteemed magazine 'IL MATTINO.' This collaboration merged photography and painting in an exhibition dedicated to the preservation of Lemont Young's Castel in Naples. Through this friendship, Antonino refined his knowledge and techniques in photography, and he began exploring new mediums such as computer graphics and video editing, incorporating them into his artistic endeavors.


In 2021, Antonino established his Art Studio in Catania, where he commenced combining new media, video, and photography with ceramics. His painting started to extend as an extension of his photography. The subsequent years brought numerous collective exhibitions, allowing Antonino to engage with artists of his generation and build meaningful relationships. In 2005, he presented a large-scale art installation named 'Conflitti' at the Arte Club Art gallery in Catania, seamlessly blending ceramics, video, and photography.

The summer of 2005 brought an invitation from the Fiumara D'Arte foundation of Antonio Presti to create a series of artworks for the foundation. Antonino also participated in the Art Foundation exhibition, showcasing his works alongside esteemed artists such as Carl Lorenzetto, Agnese Pulgatorio, Nino Franchina, Hidetochi Nagasawa, Tano Festa, and Umberto Benanti.


In 2006, Antonino was selected to attend a workshop led by Artur Zmijewski, a renowned video artist and director, at the Montevergini Contemporary Art Museum in Siracusa. The following year, he exhibited a multi-screen video installation in collaboration with writer Federica Bertelli from the magazine Les périphériques vous parlent, Paris, at the Galleria D'Arte Contemporary di Rosanna Musumeci.

Antonino's artistic journey led him to Prague, where he was invited by Vernon Gallery and Monika Burian to produce and exhibit his works at the annual exhibition Tina-B Contemporary Art from 2007 to 2009. In 2009, he conceived and produced an interactive video installation called 'Artist's Game.'


in 2009/10. Since then, he has actively participated in various projects, showcasing his diverse range of talents and innovative artistic approach. In 2010, Antonino took part in a collaborative project titled 'Our Shop,' in association with the Kilburn Festival in Camden. For this project, he created a site-specific video installation named 'The 4th State,' which captivated audiences with its unique visual storytelling.


In 2012, Antonino embarked on a remarkable endeavor in Canary Wharf, where he handpicked ten young artists to create artworks inspired by the vibrant Docklands neighborhood. He documented the entire artistic process, from conceptualization to final creation, and transformed it into a captivating video installation. This installation was exhibited in October 2012 at Tina B/Prague and in March 2013 at the European Horizons/Savellina Provincial Museum/Finland, garnering widespread acclaim.


From 2014 to 2020, Antonino delved into the world of short film projects, directing music videos, and independent feature films. His creative vision and storytelling prowess brought his artistic talents to new dimensions, captivating audiences through the power of visual storytelling.


In 2017, Antonino played a significant role in the creation of the very first Italian TV Channel in the UK, known as "Italia UK TV." He not only participated in the channel's establishment but also assumed the position of one of its directors. His contributions as a director included creating and producing TV program formats, further cementing his reputation as a multifaceted artist.


Since 2022, Antonino has been dedicated to a new series of works titled "Contemporary Reflection," exploring the realms of photography, sculpture, and mixed media. Through this ongoing project, he delves into introspection and contemporary themes, infusing his art with profound meaning and evocative symbolism. In a significant achievement in 2023, Antonino's project titled 'EGO' from the "Contemporary Reflection" series was honored as the Gold Winner at The London Photography Awards. This accolade serves as a testament to his artistic excellence and his ability to capture the essence of the human experience through his lens.

Antonino Pilade's artistic journey is marked by constant exploration, innovative collaborations, and a deep commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. His multidisciplinary approach and unwavering passion continue to captivate audiences and establish him as a distinguished figure in the contemporary art world.



Main exhibitions:


1999 - ‘Metropolitani’ solo exhibition, St Chiara’s Chistro, Naples.

          - 'Addizioni Di Architettura 1 + 1 = 1', curated by Pavillon de

             l'Arsenal, Paris and French Cultural Institute, Italy.


2005 - ‘Conflict’ solo exhibition, L’arte Club Art Galley, Catania, Italy.

          - ‘Telepass’ exhibition, artist’s residence and work commission.

             Fiumara D’Arte Foundation, Messina, Italy.


2006 - 07 ‘Isidem’ workshop, Montevergini Contemporary Museum, Siracusa, Italy.

          - ‘’ Montevergini Contemporary Museum, Siracusa, Italy.

          - ‘Wars Or Words?’ Bartoli Felter Art Foundation, Cagliari, Italy.

          - ‘Tomato Amour’ Tina B Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech Rep.


2008 - ‘Where are you?‘ Tina B Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech Rep.

          - ‘Ritratto di Donna’ Competition, Night of Contemporary Arts, CASARTARCS (House of Arts and Architecture) Turin, Italy.

          - ‘Compagni D’Infanzia’ Recupage exhibition and work acquisition, Bartoli Felter

             Art Foundation, Cagliari, Italy.


2009 - ‘Artist’s Game‘ work commission. Tina B Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech Rep.

          - Contemporary Video Festiva "Video Sicilia' ART Concise Catania, Italy 27/03/2009 -


2010 - ‘The Fourth State’ Kelburn Festival, London, UK.

2011 - ‘An Artistic Process in Canary Wharf’ Site-specific Le Sorelle Boat, London, UK.

             The kicking boot Exhibition Canary Wharf’

2012 - ‘An Artistic Process in Canary Wharf’ Tina B Contemporary Art Festival, Prague, Czech Rep.

          -  ‘An Artistic Process in Canary Wharf’ exhibition, European Horizons, Savellina Provincial Museum, Finland.


2013 - ‘Moving Up’ Galerie Vernon, exhibition, Prague, Czech Rep.

2023 - ‘Ego’ Golden at London Photography Awards.

           -  D31 Art Gallery, Artist Contest - Doncaster, Uk

          - New Artist Fair London.

2024 - "ANEMOS" Exhibition, Magan Gallery, London UK

         - Clio Art Fair by Alessandro Berni Galley, 520 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011

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