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Multi exposure 

A story which become a symbol of hope for those facing overwhelming odds. 

The story of David shows that even the smallest and seemingly weakest among us can triumph over great obstacles if they possess the courage and determination to persevere.


Taking a cue from one of Michelangelo's famous artworks. I aim to discuss the concept of beauty.  Over the centuries, society's understanding of beauty has changed. In the past, a skinny body was seen as a sign of disease and poverty, while a curvaceous and fuller figure was appreciated as a symbol of well-being and health.


Looking back through the history of the representation of the male body, there has been a connection with procreation, grace, and the reason for pleasant attraction. Beauty, finesse, grace converge and balance with the

spirit and the nature that surrounds us.


Nowadays, this concept has become distorted. The icon of beauty and of sexual attraction have been deformed by bad propaganda, where nudity has become taboo and linked with perversion and mental illness. This distortion has been amplified not only by social media but also by new advanced technology, where algorithms have the free will to modify a person's real physiognomy, giving a false identity for the pleasure of self-lying and

hiding behind a false reality.


In ­the photos, I showcase a male body that is not a gym-built body nor a fat or curvy one, but a simple and hefty male body. I confront this body with the icon of the male anatomical perfection of David, recreating a classical

composition of harmony in the natural line of the body and sexual elements. Through this, I aim to challenge these concepts of taboo and try to reclaim their true meaning without being afraid to be attracted. as it is part on human been.

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