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'L'amore é Di Tutti Love is for everyone

Object Art performance

by A. Pilade






The performance Idea lade at the Galleria Civica d'Arte Contemporanea Montevergini of Siracusa, lead by the artist Artur Zmijewski.

Antonio was asked to create a piece of work which said something, without using any verbal communication. Antonio chose to make work about his life with Samuele; Antonio gave each participating artist in the workshop an A4 printout of a photomontage with the words 'Love is for all' on them, and invited artists to make them into

Tittle paper boats.

Giving to participants the opportunity to knowledge his life and starts a new journey to the unconditional  love.


In 2005 I took part at Artur Zmijewski Workshop at Montevergini Contemporary art museum in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy.
It was an event that really changed me, I was already an active artist, who despite living in a difficult country sometimes made of hidebound minds, I used my art to tell about me. Sometimes I felt to be not on the right way, Anyway the group of artists and friends around me used the same medias which are not  part of the canonic art such as paint, sculpture, etc. My question was how  correct could be to put my personal life inside my work. Meet Artur Zmijewski and knowing his work let me understood how  iportant is the life of an artist inside the artwork itself.
After A. Z. showed his films, experience, laboratory with us, he wanted to starts a new experiment, asking us to use the room space of the museum and everything around us to comunicate each other but we were not allowed to speak. So Arthur brought pictures close up of us, made the first day, put these on the floor and said to start. The next day I bought an A4 black and white page covered by pictures about my dayly life with Samuele (my boyfriend), at the bottom a write “the love is for everybody”. I gave the pages to all the people in the room and I tought them how to make a paper boat. Carme Cardillo, one of the artists, gave me back the paper, she didn’t want to make a paper boat with me, I saw some tears on her eyes. At the end of our second day I came back home by car from Syracuse to Catania and Carmen was with me, I was courious to ask her why she didn’t do  the play with me, she said ” I am 30 years old and until now I have not found love” I said to her “this doesn’t mean that there is not love for you”.

The third day Artur brought a poster made from my A4 paper, some wine and a basin, we drank as a celebration of an important day. After that we continued our performances, recording it by camera and writing, for three month until the exhibition.

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